Rackets, Gear and Facilities 

If you're like most of us, you sometimes need new strings for your racket (or perhaps a new racket altogether). Or maybe you'd like to do some extra training with one of the people you've met at OSI Tennis?

"I do not have a racket"

We strongly urge everyone to get their own private racket since it´s so much easier to play that way - even if you are an exchange-student only staying for one semester. You can easily buy cheap second-hand rackets at Finn.no - the leading Norwegian online flee market. 

We do not lend out rackets over longer periods. Still, when attending sessions with a coach present, you will most likely be able to borrow a racket for that single session if you don´t have your own yet. When playing at Hasle (indoors) or at Frogner (outdoors) it may be possible to borrow a racket (we cannot guarantee it), but you´ll have to put it back after each session.

But as previously mentioned: we strongly urge all members to get their own rackets, even if it´s just to play with for a few months.  

Getting general Gear

If you tell the guys in the Tennis Store ("Tennisbutikken") at Hasle you're a member of OSI Tennis, you'll get a solid discount (usually 25%). They have clothing, rackets, strings, bags - everything you'll ever need for playing. 

Stringing of rackets

If your strings are broken, or you simply want a new set of strings, you can either get in touch with one of the tennis shops mentioned above.

Playing on Your Own

As for playing on your own, this is done during most of the year (except summer) at Oslo Tennis Arena at Hasle. If you play before 3 PM on weekdays, you get a 50% discount for being a student. That means 125 kr per hour. Weekends are 150 kr per hour. During summer, you get the exact same deal at Oslo Tennis Arena at Frognerparken (clay courts). 

So that covers all your gear and courts to play on. What more could you possibly need?