OSI Club Fee

Student                120kr. 

Non-student          200kr.

OSI is a joint sports club which consists of over 30 different sub-groups for different sports - tennis included. The OSI fee goes to the overall club, so the main board can continue to support us, and make it possible for the tennis group to offer students a good and cheap tennis option.

Tennis Membership fee, one semester:

Student                600kr. (300 kr. at the end of the semester)

Non-student          900kr. (450 kr. at the end of the semester)

The membership fee covers court rental for common practices, social events, and balls for coaching sessions.

Team Fee and Other Team Expenses

Team fee: none currently            

Individual expenses:
Everyone needs to pay a license to NTF to be able to play in the series and tournaments in Norway in general. The license is on 420kr and lasts from January - December. You need to pay this license to play team matches. When you play team matches you also need to contribute to renting courts when playing home-matches. Som travel-expenses must also is also normal when playing matches away and outside of Oslo.

All fees are per person.

PS! When paying, you will be charged an extra 10 kr + 4% of the sum charged. For example, when paying the membership fee of 600 kr, you will be charged 10 kr + 24 kr, in total 34 kr, which will go to the people responsible for the homepage.

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