OSI Club Fee

Student                around 120kr. 

Non-student          around 200kr.

OSI is a joint sports club which consists of over 30 different sub-groups for different sports - tennis included. The OSI fee goes to the overall club, so the main board can continue to support us, and make it possible for the tennis group to offer students a good and cheap tennis option.

Tennis Membership fee, one semester:

Student                800,-

Non-student          2400,-

The membership fee covers court rental for common practices, social events, and balls for coaching sessions. At the end of a semester, we might introduce a reduced membership fee if we have abundant court time. In that case, you will be able to select this reduced price when you sign up.

All fees are per person.

PS! When paying, you will be charged an extra 10 kr + 2% of the sum charged.