Practice Booking & Guidelines:

  • We employ "Spond" for online practice and course bookings.
  • Upon membership registration and semester fee payment, you'll receive a Spond group invitation.
  • Create a user using the same email as your membership registration.
  • Access Spond via PC/tablet at Spond Website or download the app. It's advisable to get the app and disable email notifications.

Membership Dynamics:

  • Membership varies each semester. Popular practices might fill quickly during high enrollment.
  • We adjust practice counts based on demand and club finances. While we aim to cater to all schedules, we can't ensure specific session availability. Alternative practices are usually on offer.

Booking Guidelines:

  • Outdoor limit: 3 sessions/week. Indoor: 2 sessions/week.
  • Commit to attending when signing up.
  • No cancellations within 24 hours on Spond. If spots are open within this timeframe, you can still attend without impacting your weekly limit.
  • Participants are not allowed to register for sessions intended for members at a lower level. However, this restriction will be lifted when there are only 24 hours left before the session.
  • If spots become available within 24 hours of a session due to sickness or a similar reason, they are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. The waiting list does not operate as a queue system where the first person on the list has priority over the last - so be ready to claim the spot when a spot opens.
  • Spots are first come, first served.
  • Sign-ups open 5 days ahead.
  • Common practices: 4-8 spots, based on 1 or 2 courts.
  • Some sessions might have a coach; check Spond.
  • Sessions can be canceled unexpectedly.

Cancellation Guidelines:

  • Cancel only if necessary.
  • 24-hour Rule: Ensure 24 hours before canceling.
  • Strikes: Not adhering to the 24-hour rule results in a strike. Three strikes in a semester = 2-week suspension.
  • Illness: Inform on Spond within 24 hours. Genuine illnesses might avoid a strike.

Solo Session?

  • If solo before a session, encourage participation or consider solo practice.
  • If still alone just before start, attendance is optional.

Strike System & Rules:

We've established a strike system to optimize court usage and practice attendance. Accumulating three strikes in a semester results in a two-week practice suspension.

Strike Breakdown:

  • Arriving <15 mins late: 0 strikes (repeated offenses noted)
  • Arriving >15 mins late: 1 strike
  • Canceling <24 hours before a session: 1 strike
  • Canceling <24 hours but spot taken by another: 0 strikes (notify waiting list if you can't attend)
  • No-show without informing others: 2 strikes
  • Exceeding weekly practice sign-up limit: 1 strike
  • Repeatedly playing at an inappropriate skill level: 1 strike

Strikes are communicated via Spond.

Skill Level Rules:

  • Continuously attending higher skill level practices will be addressed. Persistent breaches might result in restricted play levels.
  • If attending a lower skill level practice, players should adjust their play to match.

Reporting & Communication: Please inform the board (via Spond messages) of no-shows or rule violations. Your reports help enhance service efficiency and minimize wasted spots. Reach out with concerns or feedback.