The board is made up by volunteering students, who take on key positions for running the club. All regular club members can run for the different positions, but need to be selected through a positive vote. The board is formally constituted anew every year by voting at the annual member's convention, but it's also possible to fill up/change separate positions during the year (also done by voting). Although OSI Tennis operates as a separate tennis club on its own, we are formally a sub-division of OSI (Oslostudentenes idrettsklubb) as a whole. This means that some crucial decisions need to be done in cooperation with the main board of OSI, which is our governing component. 

Each board member get the semester fee covered by the club as a "token of appreciation" for the work they put down.

The Current Constitution of the Board:


Marlene Lofsberg

Vice President:
Fredrik Jørgensen Olsen  


Birk Denstad


Secretary: Malin Barth Karlsen

Guro Elise Aakerholt


Kasper Nordahl



Thea Holen


Social affairs:
Julie Sørlie

About the Different Positions

President (styreleder): The president is the leader of the group, and has an overall responsibility for everything that OSI Tennis engage in. A frequent flow of communication, guidance and consulting with both, other board members and regular members, is crucial. The president should be well informed about every aspect of his/her own club activity, as well as to be facing outwards in order to collaborate with outside instances such as the Norwegian Tennis Federation (NTF), other clubs, the main board of OSI etc. The president also needs to take charge of allocating different practical tasks, as well as to do some him/herself. 

Vice President (nestleder): The vice president is the president's "right hand", and a crucial helper to the club in general. The vice president is in charge of organizing tennis-specific activities (such as common practices and courses), and should cooperate closely with the president and economist in most of his/her work. As with the president, the vice president should also be well orientated about most club activity, as he/she has a finger in play in most matters and cases.

Treasurer (økonomiansvarlig): The treasurer is in charge of all matters which involves expenses, income and money in general. Important tasks include budgeting throughout the year, hendeling of payments and bills, determining club realtes fees, and applying for funds. The treasurer's aim should be to handle our economic resources as wisely as possible. As OSI Tennis is a non profit group, the treasurer should strive to convert all available funds into club benefits, while at the same time trying to keep a safe margin to prevent the club from having a negative economy. The treasurer also needs to work closely together with the other board members; especially when others are dealing with matters of club-relates money (such as court rentals, investing in equipment, etc.).  

Secretary (sekretær): The secretary's main tasks are to organize meetings, update the website, handling of paperwork related to board meetings and other formal events, as well as to generate reports and make them easily accessible for everyone who wants to read about the board's activity and decision-making. The secretary is the person to contact for members, if they want to comment on how the club is being run, or if they have proposals for changes. All matters sent to the secretary will be discussed by the board at a future board meeting. 

Recruiter (rekrutteringsansvarlig): When in charge of recruitment, the most important task is to be a friendly outgoing face, aimed towards possible new members. To promote our club, and inform people about what we offer, is a crucial to successful recruitment, and events such as the "freshers fare" (foreningsdagene på UiO/HiOA) and free tryout sessions is of big importance. Answering basic inquiries and questions about the club is also mainly the recruiter's responsibility.    

PR: The person who is in charge of making us visible out there and make sure people can find us and contact us on social media. The position is closely related to the recruiter, and the two should cooperate closely to altogether make us easily accessible to new members.     

Social affairs (sosialansvarlig): The person responsible for social affairs is mainly about organizing social events and gatherings with the aim to strengthen the social unity among our members. The club is mainly a place to play tennis, but we also aim to facilitate a social club environment where members can build relations and be a part of a community both on and off the court. 

Equipment/maintenance (utstyrsansvarlig): This role is dedicated the persion who has the main responsibility for organizing our equipment, as well as maintaining the courts we may use during the outdoor-season.

Beach Tennis: We have now introduced Beach Tennis as a sub-group of the tennis club! This board member will arrange the practices and stay on top of everything related to Beach Tennis.


Other positions and options? 

It is fully possible to add/withdraw/change existing positions belonging to the board through a positive vote. By regulation, the four positions of president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary is mandatory positions which cannot cease to exist, but beyond that the constitution is quite flexible (and subject to change if necessary). Which responsibilities that follow the different positions is also a matter of discussion to a certain degree.