OSI Club Fee

Student                120kr. 

Non-student          200kr.

OSI is a joint sports club which consist of over 30 different sub-groups for different sports - tennis included. The OSI fee goes to the overall club, so the main board can continue to support us, and make it possible for the tennis group to offer students a good and cheap tennis option.

Tennis Membership fee spring 2018

Student                600kr. (300 kr. for half a semester)

Non-student          900kr. (450 kr. for half a semester)

PS! We also offer half semester fee for everyone who want to join after May 1th. 

The membership fee covers court rental for common practices, social events, balls for beginners/intermediate. 

Team Fee and Other Team Expenses

Team fee: none currently            

Individual expenses:
Everyone need to pay a license to NTF to be able to play in the series and tournaments in Norway in general. The licence is on 420kr and last from January - December. You need to pay this license to play team matches. When you play team matches you also need to contribute to renting courts when playing home-matches. Som travel-expenses must also is also normal when playing matches away and outside of Oslo. 

All fees are per person.

PS! When paying, you will be charged an extra 10 kr + 4% of the sum charged. For example, when paying the membership fee of 600 kr, you will be charged 10 kr + 24 kr, in total 34 kr, which will go to the people responsible for the homepage.

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