Booking of practices and Courses

We use an online booking system called “Spond”, where you can book your spot at practices and courses. You will receive an invitation to join our group on Spond after you sign up for a membership, and you will have to create a user with the same e-mail used to register for the membership. You can use the system either on pc/tablet (, or as an app for phones. We recommend downloading the app, and turning off email notifications.

Please note that you are not eligible to book spots at practices or courses before you have paid your invoice (semester fee)!

How booking works: 

  • You can maximum book a spot on 3 common sessions per week during the outdoor season, and 2 common sessions per week during the indoor season. Note that you still can book spots on other type of sessions in addition to this the same week (e.g. serve practice, courses etc.) 
  • If there is less than 24 hours left until a practice and there are still open spots, you may take one of these by commenting on the training in Spond with your intention. Taking an open spot in this way after the "sign-up/sign-off deadline" does not count as one of your 2 (indoor) / 3 (outdoor) trainings. 
  • Sign up only if you are certain you are going to attend (important!). We have experienced that many people just book a spot, and only show up if they feel like it. This is not okay (obviously) as many spots go to waste, and this kind of mind-set really hurts our club-culture.  
  • The first ones to fill up available spots get to play. You can also sign up for the waiting list. If someone cancel their spot, you might get to play after all.
  • It will be possible to sign up for practices/courses 5 days in advance
  • It will not be possible to cancel your spot or sign up to any sessions when there is 24 hours or less until start on Spond. If the session is not full at this point(e.g. 3/4 spots taken), you may comment in the event on Spond that you will attend after all.
  • Common practices are run with a maximum of 4 players per court. They will have 4 or 8 spots available, dependent on if it’s outplayed on one or two courts.
  • A coach might be present on sessions to help the players (typically beginner common sessions and serve practices). The specific Spond-event will tell you if there is planned for a coach to be there. 
  • Practices and courses might get cancelled for various reasons.
  • Cancelling your spot: Players are not meant to cancel their spot when they have signed up. However, we do recognise that unexpected situations may arise, and in this case players are allowed to cancel if done according to our guidelines:
    • 24-hour Rule: If there is at least 24 hours until the practice starts, you may cancel your spot without further notice. This gives other members a chance to react if they are given your spot through the waiting list, or if they are browsing our practices for free spots.
    • Warnings: If you fail to follow the 24-hour rule for cancelling, and don’t show up when you are signed up, you will receive a warning. If you get a second warning (same semester), you will be suspended from all tennis activities for the next 2 weeks. (As for courses, you will need to pay for the course if you fail to follow the 24-hour rule).
    • Illness: If you suddenly become ill (within the 24 hours prior to a session you're signed up to), make sure to notify people on Facebook and Spond that you can't make it. We might consider not giving you a warning if your spot gets utilized by another player. However, hangovers, sleepiness, slight flues etc. are not valid excuses.  
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