Competitive Team Play

Like most tennis clubs, we like to compete. Although anyone can enter A, B and C tournaments as long as they pay the competition license (to the Norwegian Tennis Federation), we also have competitive teams that face off with other clubs teams in the series during the outdoor season. The season usually starts mid-May and ends in August, with time off in July for vacation. 

The number of teams we set up depends simply on the number of qualified players that are interested. A team in our club typically consists of 10 players, and at least 4 have to play when facing another team. Facing another team means playing two double matches and four single matches in total. 

When choosing players, we usually focus on factors like skill, motivation and contribution to the team. The ideal OSI-player is someone who plays well, loves to be on the court and wants the other team members to have a great time. A captain is also set up to lead the team and should be especially awesome with regard to motivation and team contribution. 

It's also been normal for our teams to have one or two extra trainings per week in addition to the regular common sessions - to focus on specific skills and tactics as well as getting used to playing together. We've also been lucky enough to have coaches for the teams, so the bonus is getting your mistakes corrected and honing your weapons. 

The downside to playing on the team is that it costs a bit more (licenses, extra trainings, bags of balls, travelling to matches etc. costs money). So be sure that you are prepared to invest a bit more than the base fee if you want to play division matches. 

If you are interested in joining the men's team, please contact Team Captain Sivert Bocianowski:

If you are interested in joining the women's team, please contact Team Captain Pia Rygh:

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