Want to Help Us?

As a club run purely by volunteering and pre-occupied students, we appreciate all the help we can get in running our tennis club. We actually urge you to get involved if you feel like you have the capacity and willingness to contribute with something! It can be very regarding to see how your work is being appreciated by others, and how the club benefits from it. 

How to Contribute?

If you really want to engage and invest yourself in running and developing the club, running for one of the central positions in the board might be for you. Otherwise, we always appreciate the help from coaches who can hold courses, and also simply the help from regular members who want to organize some kind of activity. Maybe you want to engage in creating and upholding a good social environment, by doing fun stuff with other members off the court (?), or maybe you can do us small favors such as donating your old racket to the club or to help us move some equipment? Or, perhaps you have some good ideas for how to do stuff, and simply want to share them with the board?

The list of how one can contribute is long, so please just contact us about however way you could imagine yourself to help :)