Player Ranking


If you want to advance, you can challenge people ranked (maximum) 3 spots above you. So #8 can challenge #7, #6 or #5.

Should you beat someone (or get beaten), you simply exchange places in the ranking. The number in parentheses indicates your current position in relation to your previous one. 

We suggest doing 1-set matches, but you can also do 3 if you like (let's stay away from 5-set Grand Slam matches, though...). 

If you challenge someone, or get challenged, you have 3 weeks to get it done, or you automatically exchange places by walkover (however, exam periods, vacation etc have to be taken into consideration - we're not totally unreasonable). You have to play at least one ranking match each semester to keep your spot on the list. If you get removed from the ranking system because of inactivity, you have to start at the bottom when/if you rejoin. 

You have to book your own court for the matches. 

When you need adjustments in ranking, remember to contact Jakob ( and he will update the list. 

You can also contact Jakob if you want to join the list (or withdraw from it).

2Teddy Jø
3Robert Søreid (+1) 
4Erlend Bakke (+2)
5Sivert Bocianowsky (-2)
6Kjetil Taksdal (-2)
7Marius Myhre Fartum (+2)
8Jonas Zdrzalek
9Jakob Sverre Lø
10Luka Dimitrijevic (-3) 
11Håvard Næ
13Sander Utsigt (-2)
14Sondre Solbakken

15Robin Sørensen (-2)

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